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Get ready for a brand new chapter in Crayola Adventures! Create your very own best-selling sci-fi video game in “Pixel Madness,” the brand new story that’s out of this world! Or celebrate Library Month and National Tell-A-Story Day with endless stories from your imagination!


How do starship captains celebrate their day off? By making a totally rad sci-fi video game, of course! Entertain your crew and the entire Federation with your own blockbuster game in the all-new story “Pixel Madness!”


What better way to celebrate National Tell-A-Story Day than … well, telling a story! In Crayola Adventures, you get to do whatever YOU want to do, say whatever YOU want to say, and be whoever YOU want to be. Where will your stories take you?


Broaden your horizons this Library Month and dive into enchanting new adventures, craft unique stories, and transform your treehouse into a cozy reading space!

Well, what are you waiting for?! In Crayola Adventures, the creative possibilities are endless!

Step into the world of Crayola Adventures, where open-ended storytelling and adventure-style gameplay merge for ever-evolving experiences that bring your creativity and ideas to life. Your stories. Your rules.


Start a rock band. Or a pop band. Not your jam? Then go explore the outer limits of space on a rocket ship you create instead. Or do all of it! Challenge an evil genie. No wait… become his friend. Or turn him into a majestic blue giraffe! Design your ultimate bedroom to hang out with friends, or turn it into an evil lair. Rescue a robot and make him the hero. Or should the purple dragon who eats your dad’s stinky socks be the hero? Or maybe it’s the ice-cream headed lizard! Only you get to decide! Afterall, YOU are the mastermind behind stories only you can dream up.

Color, draw, paint, and craft your way through unique worlds: Real Life, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and more. Create your own one-of-a-kind characters, personalize their journey, customize the scenes with your art, and determine how the narrative unfolds. Build your dream treehouse, fill your bookshelf with stories you write, collect trophies from your adventures, and unlock new rooms and items to tell even more tales! What will your adventures bring?


• You’re the author, the illustrator, and the hero!

• Your creativity, art, and choices inspire the adventures you go on

• Create books from a variety of genres, settings, and story arcs… or invent your own

• Personalize your hero and their sidekicks to make them are as unique as you are – choose from thousands of combinations of hairstyles, skin color, accessories, and outfits


• Decide if your characters go to space, decorate their bedroom, fight dragons all day, or… The options are endless!

• Your choices mean every session can have a different ending. The princess gets eaten by the giant… or… the magical clouds give you flying powers?

• Design a world where your protagonist (whether it’s the alien or your best friend) feels at home in their cozy treehouse


• Craft extraordinary characters and illustrate customized worlds with an array of digital Crayola art tools

• Design your logo for your electro pop band, start a new fashion trend with your t-shirt design, draw the wallpaper for your bedroom… It’s your world to create!


• Practice problem-solving and creative expression while having fun

• Build confidence in reading, writing and storytelling skills

• Support cognitive and fine motor development (grown-ups love that kind of stuff!)

• Real-time speech-to-speech and text-to-speech capabilities empower players of all reading levels


• Continue the never-ending excitement – ever-evolving content updates keep your inspiration flowing and ensure there’s something for everyone!


• Players of all ages can be free to explore, create, and play with no in-app purchases

• Bond as a family imagining, creating, and reading stories together

• Use Share Play to share your adventures with friends and family

• Committed to ensuring children’s online privacy and safety, Crayola Adventures is COPPA and GDPR compliant

• Recommended by parents, loved by their kids

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Ratings & Reviews

5 out of 5 with 109 Counts
Age Rating 4+

Special Events

How will you tell your story?

Write & draw stories for National Tell a Story Day

Bring your stories to life as you design characters, scenes, journeys and more! Which story will you create first?

Thu Apr 18 2024 to Wed May 01 2024


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