Gin Rummy Classic+ in Apple Arcade

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The Apple Arcade Game

Version 1.2.72024-03-22

Back end performance improvements and bug fixes.

Gin Rummy Classic is the purest mobile version of the game enjoyed by millions around the world.

Made by MobilityWare - original creator of Solitaire (300,000,000+ downloads) - this easy to learn card game is perfect for fun and relaxation.

How to win is simple: build your best hand by drawing or picking up one card at a time.

However victory is both challenging and rewarding vs opponents with adaptive skill levels!

== Features ==

- Learn Gin Rummy at your own pace with crystal clear tutorials

- Play offline vs bots, available to play whenever and wherever

- Enjoy games you can leave at any time in landscape or portrait mode with awesome card animations, no turn timers and unlimited hints/undos

- Observe expressive emojis for clues from your competition

- Track your high scores across different game types, earn over 300 titles for your achievements and watch your rankings rise as you take on different players in Leagues (and learn advanced gameplay techniques)

Install today to have fun improving your brain and game with Gin Rummy Classic!

Ratings & Reviews

4.7 out of 5 with 718 Counts
Age Rating 4+


News on this game

Gin Rummy Classic• by MobilityWare

Gin Rummy Classic is the purest mobile version of the game enjoyed by millions around the world.

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