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Version 1.182022-11-26

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A soul-searching adventure about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans.

Entrenched in a beautifully sunkissed and handcrafted world, embark on a heartfelt journey interwoven with lighthearted and pressure-free puzzle solving.

Immerse yourself in a visual narrative as you uncover, stories of the old man’s life told through beautiful vignettes of his memories. Interact with the serene, whimsical environment as you solve playful puzzles and shape the landscape around you, growing the hills to create the old man’s path forward.

Find yourself transported to a vibrant and wishful world as you immerse yourself in meditatively delightful gameplay and inquisitive, quiet puzzle solving. Explore life’s complexities through the old man’s eyes as you experience his heartache, regret, and hope.


- A powerful and emotional narrative told only through imagery

- Gorgeously whimsical landscapes with hand-drawn art and animations

- Handcrafted, pressure-free puzzles

- Unique landscape-shaping mechanic

- A compact game experience perfect for a wanderlust-evoking escape

- Original and emotionally compelling soundtrack by SCNTFC

Ratings & Reviews

4.8 out of 5 with 222 Counts
Age Rating 4+

THIS IS THE full walkthrough of the Old Man's Journey+ for the Apple Arcade version.



Old Man's Journey - Apple Arcade

THIS IS THE full walkthrough of the Old Man's Journey+ for the Apple Arcade version.

Old Man's Journey+ - Full Walkthrough | Apple Arcade
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News on this game

Old Man's Journey Review - Review

Sometimes you find yourself with games that are truly hard to evaluate. Not because they aren't good, but even saying too much will spoil...

Nintendo World Report Mon Mar 19 2018

Old Man's Journey review

"May the road rise up to meet you" is the first line of an ancient Irish prayer on behalf of travelers. It goes on to wish for a journey of...

Polygon Mon Jun 19 2017

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Creation of 'Old Man's Journey', Launching this Thursday – TouchArcade

The long and winding, ahem, journey of Old Man's Journey, which we've been following for the past year, finally comes to an end when the...

TouchArcade Mon Jun 19 2017

Review: Old Man's Journey – Destructoid

I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up to review Old Man's Journey. The name made me think I'd be playing...

Destructoid Mon Jun 19 2017

Old Man's Journey, a beautifully slow game about nearing the end of life

In a market oversaturated with dark shooters and bright pixels, calm games can seem few and far between. Enter Old Man's Journey,...

Killscreen Fri Aug 19 2016

Austrian Game Studio Now Sponsoring Krita Development

While Blender is at the forefront of receiving corporate sponsorships and funding for advancing that open-source 3D modeling software,...

Phoronix Fri Jan 19 2024

Old Man's Journey Review (Switch eShop)

An important pilgrimage - Old Man's Journey is one of those games that's hard to talk about without venturing into spoiler territory.

Nintendo Life Mon Mar 19 2018

Introspection is at the core of puzzle game Old Man's Journey

It may be called Old Man's Journey, but this game is really a leisurely stroll through beautiful coastal hills and towns.

The Verge Wed Sep 19 2018

Old Man's Journey (NS) - Review

Old Man's Journey deserves to be in an art museum, where it would be far more appreciated than as a video game.Broken Rules' Old Man's...

VGChartz Thu Apr 19 2018

Old Man's Journey Joins Apple Arcade's Library of Games

Apple Arcade added Old Man's Journey, a thought-provoking puzzle game, to its catalog of titles on Friday. Old Man's Journey, from Broken...

CNET Mon Dec 19 2022

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