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Main Story Quest - Save the park!!!

The evil Mr. Pemberton is trying to use his illegal power to take away the park, where Sasquatch is living. Sasquatch is the only one that the animals can count on to save the park. Can you help Sasquatch to save the park?

Story #1 - Treasure Map Hunting

Mr. Pemberton, who is the owner of the park is going to close the park and change to commerical use. If the park is closed, the animals and Sasquatch will have no place to live. The only way to save the park is to buyout the park. There is a treasure that is hidden somewhere, and the treasure map has been splitted into 9 pieces. Can Sasquatch able to find all the treasure map pieces?

Main Story #1 Full Walkthrough | Map Quest
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All the map pieces locations

Talking Fish Map Piece

After you get your fishing rod, go back to sleep. You should able to see the talking fish in your pond. Use your rod to catch it. Then go to the pond in the golf course, and drop the fish, then you should able to get the map piece.

The Golf Challenge Map Piece

Remember to get the PRO-Golf set from the Golf Course Store before you do this challenge. The person to start this quest is at the golf entry, talk to him to accept the challenge. The challenge is to win 3 hole golf tournament against him, if you win, then you will get the map piece. The challenge is not hard if you have the pro club. If you have problem with the golf, you can watch these videos to get the placement of each hole. 9 holes tournament and hole in one challenge

The Racing Challenge Map Piece

The person to start this quest is located at the racing track entry, talk to him to accept the challenge. You have to have a car first before you can accept his challenge. If you want to be a sure win on this challenge, buy the most expensive car, then upgrade it to the max. After you win the race against him, he will give you the map piece.

The Bear and Bees Map Piece

The map is on the floor at the Lake area. However, you cannot able to reach it, since there are bees around the map. In order to get rid of the bees, you would need help from the bear on the right hand side of the map. The bear ask you for a fish. You would need to catch a fish using a fishing rod, then give him the fish. After that, he will help you to take out the bees, and then you can able to get the map piece on the floor.

Duck lost Hat Map Piece

The duck at the RV C&D location ask you for help, he lost his hat and was capture by a person and kept in his RV. The RV is at the RV C&D location, which is at the north of the pond. The RV door is locked. In order to open the door, you would need to turn the radio to another channel. That will trigger the owner to come out from the RV, so now, go in and steal the hat. The task would be easy if you have cloth on. After you gave the hat to the duck, he will give you a map piece.

The Bear Cave Map Piece

The map piece is sit inside o the Bear Cave. The Cave is located at the west of the RV A&B site. To go into the cave, you would need to buy the lamp from the raccoon. Bought the Lamp, then found the dynamite, and explode the rock in the cave, then you should able to found the map piece.

The Maze Map Piece

There is a map piece sit at the end of the maze. To reach to the maze, you would need to by the paddle from raccoon. Then, go to the lake, and row the canoe to the south of the other side of the lake. Go in to the maze and reach to the end, you should able to find a duck and a map piece on the floor.

The Ski Challenge Map Piece

The ski challenge person is located at the Ski Resort area, he will go around the lake, talk to him to accept the ski challenge. In order to start the ski challenge, you would need to buy the ski equipment from raccoon. The challenge is not hard, but there is a bug that after you won the challenge, you may not able to get the map. If this happened to you. Uninstall the App, Reinstall back, you should able to get the map. To win the ski challenge, you have to understand and know how to make a good landing. If you have issue of doing a good landing, I hope the following video may help you. How to ski with touch and how to do backflip

Story #2 - Corporate Spy

After Sasquatch has buyout the park. Mr. Pemberton has another illegal plan that will able for him to take out the park once again. To stop Mr. Pemberton, Sasquatch now have to suit like a human, work in Mr. Pemberton's Corporation. Earn his trust, then steal the information and report to the police. Can Sasquatch once again able to save the park from the evil Mr. Pemberton?

Sneaky Sasquatch Corporate Spy
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The following is step by step walkthrough

Story #3 - Park Pollution

The Water is total wrong in the park. They are green and smelly. Our Park is dying. Can Sasquatch abe to find out the cause of the issue, and save the Park once again?

Main Story #3 Full Walkthrough | Police Quest
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The following is step by step walkthrough

The Other Ending

There are 2 ending is this story line. One is bring both bad guys to the jail. The other ending is at the following video. We saved one of the bad guy, and he is going to live at the shore.

Story #4 - Mayor Race

Mr. Pemberton Jr. is going for the Mayor. If he won the race, he will destory the campsite. Sasquatch has to save it!!!

Main Story #4 Full Walkthrough | Mayor Quest
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The following is step by step walkthrough

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