Cornsweeper in Apple Arcade

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The Apple Arcade Game

Version 1.1.2403142024-03-28


• Added FAQs for the new Burnt Popcorn types that appear at the start of levels 21-30, and 41-50

• Added a tasteful request for App Store Reviews if you are enjoying the game.

• Reduced the inherent volume of the ambiences in The SoundRoom which makes them mix better with the soundtracks.

• Game Center Achievements now coincide with in game Achievements from the Hall of Grain.

• Start Button on Title Screen now takes you directly into the first level if it is the first time playing.

• Improved controller support.

// Bug fixes

• Fixed some bugs where some elements did not colour swap when the Choc-Chip setting was toggled.

• Fixed a bug with the pause menu where pausing and unpausing with a controller's pause button would discombobulate the gameplay's controls.

• Fixed a bug where text in the main menu overlapped graphics.

~~ This update's Jamaican proverb ~~

"Duck nuh lay egg before fowl."

Cornsweeper is a chill & whimsical, reimagining of a beloved classic. A meditative mind-sweep-em-up; pop delicious popcorn, avoid explosions.


Key Features

• Beautifully illustrated aesthetic

• Chill, Lo-fi inspired OST

• 70 Handcrafted levels

• Unlockable Arcade Mode

• Collect all 28 items purchasable from The Stall

• Classic gameplay with unique & accessible twists

• Use Arcade Mode like a Pomodoro for your daily tasks (after buying item in The Stall)

• A Toy-like sense of discovery in every bite

• Clues & Secrets

Content Includes
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

Ratings & Reviews

N/A out of 5 with N/A Counts
Age Rating 9+


News on this game

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