Words in Progress in Apple Arcade

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The Apple Arcade Game

Version 2022.1.3 (1.3.4)2024-03-22

New Features

● Merge Confirmation: this new setting lets you toggle a ‘safety’ mode, where merges will require an additional input from the player before a merge is final.

● Streamlined Info: the ‘Game Language’ button on the main menu has been replaced with a new ‘Information and Rules’ button: all the relevant information and support regarding Words in Progress in a single place!


● We’ve fixed an issue where exceptionally long games would break our Endless mode in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

● We’ve fixed an issue where large amounts of words created (400+) in Endless mode would break the rendering of the Endless screen/mode.

● Endless leaderboard cap increased from 5,000 to 20,000.


● The tutorial got an overhaul with some additional information both in the tutorial itself and on the pause and end screens.

● We’ve adjusted the ‘i’ letter within our font, so the ‘i’ and ‘l’ are now more distinguishable from one another.


● An ‘are you sure’ prompt will now be displayed when quitting the game on macOS.

● All GameCenter Access Points are now navigable using controller or keyboard input.

● We overhauled the Friends overlay and the Random Game overlay.

● All scrollbars have been redesigned to be less intrusive.

● Increased the font size in the tutorial, so all tutorial text is more readable.

● The Daily screen now shows the time until the next daily challenge when you’ve finished your current daily challenge.

● Some in-menu texts have been revised so that they are more descriptive.

● Some icons have received a redesign.

Wordlist Changes

● The German game language now converts umlauts: ‘ä’ is converted into ‘ae’ (mädchen > maedchen), ‘ö’ is converted into ‘oe’ (schön > schoen), ‘ü’ is converted into ‘ue’ (glücklich > gluecklich)

● Words requested by players have been reviewed and, if found to be safe and valid, added to their respective wordlists.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed a problematic bug that would cause an infinite reboot loop.

● Fixed a bug where tiles wouldn’t scale properly when merging with a tile that was animating in.

● Fixed a bug where frame-perfect input would displace tiles during gameplay.

● Fixed a bug where simultaneous controller/keyboard and touch input would interfere with a draggable tile.

● Fixed a server bug where a game would sometimes be deleted when being cancelled.

● Fixed a server bug where the wrong response code would sometimes be returned when a game was cancelled.

● Fixed a mouse-based input delay issue on macOS.

Word crafting puzzle joy that never wears off! Combine letters to create words. Survive as long as you can in Endless mode, or play against others in Multiplayer!

Words in Progress offers:

- A unique new word game

- Single player endless mode

- Multiplayer asynchronous mode

- Long and steady learning curve

- Clean, cozy and crisp design

- Fun for all ages

- Multi language support

A game of Words in Progress starts with seven letters vertically aligned on the screen. It’s up you to combine these letters into words. When a letter is removed from its position and attached to letters in another row, the empty spot is filled with a new letter from your pile. When you submit a word, the same thing happens. Words in Progress has a few game modes: single player Endless mode, Practice mode, and Multiplayer mode.

In single player Endless Mode, you try to stay in the game as long as possible. To prevent your letter pile from emptying and going game over, you will need to complete different challenges.

In Multiplayer mode, you and your opponent both have 40 letters to start with. Will you add new letters to words that are still in progress to try and create a long word, and risk ending up with an incomplete and invalid word? Or will you succeed, and reap the high reward for long words? Playing it safe by ‘cashing in’ shorter but valid words is another strategy to consider, but you'll have to play smart to defeat your opponent!

Ratings & Reviews

3.5 out of 5 with 65 Counts
Age Rating 4+


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